Alexander Arnot Alexander Johnston Arnot was born on 16th March 1883 to Margaret (née Johnston) and William Arnot in Bathgate, Linlithgow, Scotland. His photograph was discovered in a book of Coatbridge men in the 1st World War held in Airdrie Library. He was living at Rawyards, Airdrie, near Coatbridge, where he was a student at the school of mining, before he joined the 2nd Battalion of the Seaforth Highlanders. Alexander died on 25th April 1915, aged 37, in the battle for St Julien, just north-east of Ypres, Belgium. 99 officers and men died in this battle. Alexander was buried at St Julien in the Seaforth Cemetery.

The family surname was spelt variously as "Arnot" and "Arnott" during this period, the latter was a newer spelling and eventually replaced the former.

The letters on this web site were written by Alexander from the front and were published in the Coatbridge Leader between December 1914 and March 1915. They make fascinating reading and give a real insight into the life of a front-line solider in the First World War.

The letters here conclude with the notice of his death published on 29th May 1915.

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